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Finns Willing to Pay More Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco

Finns appear willing to favour increases in taxation on alcohol, tobacco, confectionery and capital gains in order to balance public finances, a survey commissioned by YLE indicates. However, there is little enthusiasm for higher income or energy taxes.

Mies tarttumassa kuohuviinipulloon.
Image: Yle

The pollster asked over 1,000 Finns just before Christmas what taxes could be raised to balance public finances.

Some 61 percent of those asked say they were ready to accept an increase on taxation on alcohol and tobacco products. Next on the list was capital gains tax with 42 percent giving their approval for a tax rise. One third of those questioned favoured a tax rise on confectionery and soft drinks.

When asked about income, energy or real estate taxation, the responses were far from enthusiastic. Only five percent favoured tax rises in these sectors to balance public finances.

Little approval was found for a recently mooted drop in housing loan tax benefits.

Political affiliation played a role in a respondent’s opinions. Those supporting the left Alliance and SDP preferred an increase in capital gains taxes while those persuaded by the Centre, National Coalition and Green League parties gave approval to a hike in alcohol and tobacco taxes.

A total of 1,027 people between the ages of 15 and 79 were interviewed for the survey by pollster Taloustutkimus in December. The margin of error was plus minus 3.2 percentage points.

Sources: YLE

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