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Police Identify Body of WWII Soviet Spy

Police believe a body found near Kouvola to be the World War II remnants of a Soviet spy. The man apparently parachuted to his death.

Image: Kymenlaakson poliisilaitos

An anthropologist with the National Bureau of Investigation concluded that the remains were of a man between the ages of 20 and 30. He had numerous broken bones in his legs, which point to a parachute jump gone horribly wrong.

He was wearing the basic uniform of a Finnish soldier. Police believe the man was probably an Ingrian Finn on a reconnaissance mission. Ingria is an area in Russia which used to be home to a majority of ethnic Finns who spoke their own dialect.

Once the investigation is complete, the body will be offered to the Russian Embassy for repatriation - an offer that is expected to be refused. It's likely the suspected spy will be buried in Kouvola.

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