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Police Survey: Officers Must Intervene to Curb Public Disorder

A survey carried out by the Finnish police indicates many people hope officers would intervene to prevent disorder in the country's towns and cities.

Poliisi tarkkailee Porin kävelykadulla.
Image: Mari Itkonen / Yle

The police security survey reveals that residents of larger urban centers are particularly concerned about disorderly youths and vandalism.

Regional differences were observed, though. In the Pirkanmaa District, young people consider themselves to be safer than older people. However, in Helsinki, over 40 percent of people surveyed considered disorderly behavior by youths to be either a moderate or severe nuisance.

A surprise finding was among young adults who were disturbed by the misbehavior of teenage youths. However, only a quarter of senior citizens were perturbed by teens behaving loudly in public places.

Helsinki residents said litter, vandalism and public drinking all contributed to a feeling of insecurity.

The survey indicated no general shift in public opinion either towards the police or in attitudes of public safety. Previous surveys were conducted in 2003 and 2006.

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