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Organised Gang Bringing Roma Beggars?

Police in Romania have searched homes and detained 12 people on suspicion of systematically bringing Roma beggars to Finland.

Mies kerjää Helsingin kadulla
Image: YLE / Antti Eintola

Finnish and Romanian officials have been working together since last summer to confirm suspicions that organised crime lies behind the steady flow of members of the EU state's Roma minority onto Finnish city streets.

In late October, Helsinki city officials began dismantling illegal shanty and tent camps built by Romanian beggars.

Shanty camps in the Kyläsaari and Kalasatama neighbourhoods of Helsinki were taken down, while at least one shipping container being used as shelter was hauled away. Most of those forced from the Kalasatama camp left the country in early November. Just four individuals said they intended to stay in the city.

Sources: YLE

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