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Cleaning, Sales Popular Jobs for Immigrants

Working as a cleaner or salesperson are the most common jobs for immigrants, reports Statistics Finland. Meanwhile Finland’s population is booming, largely due to a rise in immigration.

Muun muassa siivousalalla on tarvetta koulutetuille työntekijöille. Image: YLE

A public transport driver is the third most common profession for immigrants, according to the statistics agency’s fresh report on data collected in 2006. Other common jobs for foreigners include working in the construction or restaurant industries.

In 2006, some 59,000 foreigners were employed in Finland and immigrants made up about 2.5 percent of the workforce.

A Growing Population

Statistics Finland also reports that Finland’s population is growing rapidly, thanks largely to immigration.

Currently some 5,325,600 people reside in Finland. The agency predicts the population will have grown by 0.5 percent, or by 25,100 people, in 2008. That’s the biggest rise in 16 years.

The increase is largely explained by a rise in immigration. Some 28,100 people moved to Finland in 2008. That’s the largest number of immigrants to Finland since the country gained independence in 1917. The record was last broken in 2007 when 26,700 people moved to Finland. After subtracting the number of people who moved away, Finland witnessed an overall gain of 14,500 new residents who moved here.

Furthermore around 59,500 children were born in 2008. That is the highest number of newborns in 12 years, and 800 more than in 2007. Meanwhile around 48,900 people died in 2008.

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