Englannin abitreenit: Yhdysverbit

Choose the appropriate word.

1. In order to break _____, the thief smashed a window.
2. An epidemic of flu is expected to break _____ this winter, too.
3. Did the meeting break _____ already?
4. Lillian broke _____ with her boyfriend.

5. Will you come to see me _____ at the station?
6. The alarm went _____ too early.
7. His suggestion was turned _____; there was no one to second it.
8. Liz, on the other hand, came _____ with a very good idea
9. We decided to put the meeting _____ until next Thursday.
10. Kevin was the last person I expected to let me _____.
11. An amazing proposal is being put _____ by the government in the name of protecting children.
12. What could be done to prevent children from being picked _____?
13. I have always got _____ well with people.
14. Michael takes _____ his father. He is always ever so pleasant.
15. We have had to put up _____ his rude manners for far too long.
16. The Hendersons are making preparations to set _____ next week.
/ 16
YLE Tulosta