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Use the verbs in brackets in their correct forms.

Towards the end of his term President Clinton hinted that his future career
(saattaisi) take him outside the U.S.

The UK oil companies Shell and BP
(pystyvät kilpailemaan) with the Chinese in the near future.

(olet varmaan) be right. I came to the same conclusion myself.

(olisi tehtävissä) about it?

(Saattaisiko) it be that Jimmy has been right all along and we were misled?

Hey kids, you
(ette saa) walk on the lawn!

(ei tarvitse) wait for me, I'll catch up with you later.

I usually
(teen) a bit of gardening if I

If the train was on time, he
(olisi pitänyt saapua) by now.

The next train
(saapuu) at 3 o’clock. We’ll have plenty of time for a cup of coffee.
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