Englannin abitreenit: Infinitiivi ja -ing-muoto

Fill in the words in their correct forms with the help of the Finnish words in brackets.

If you have nothing better
(tekemistä) while you're here, why don't you pay a visit to the National Museum?

It seems
(asettavan näytteille) the French impressionists this week.

(Saadaksesi) tickets for the lecture on the impressionists, you should
(hankkia) them today.

I was very excited
(kuulla) about your big success in the ballroom dance contest.

My tongue-tied boss
(kielsi minua edes ajattelemasta) about
(jättää) him alone with the foreign visitors.

Promise me
(olla myöhästymättä).

(En voinut olla itkemättä), when I saw my car after the accident.

What did you do
(saadaksesi hänet pitämään) his mouth shut?

Mr Brown
(pantiin jättämään) his post, but he
(kieltää tehneensä) anything wrong.

My grandparents
(olivat tottuneet elämään) without modern conveniences.

(oli tapana nousta) at the crack of dawn.
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