YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 14 (KT)

Täydennä oikealla sanalla, sananosalla tai rakenteella.

1. Estonia gained its independence more than a
(vuosikymmen) ago. How time flies!
2. The wheel rotated
(yhä nopeammin) and in the end it catapulted into the windows of our next-door neighbours.
3. He was even more
(tehottomampi) than our previous employee.
4. We decided to visit
(näyttelijättärien) dressing room.
5. Why do you always blame me
his mistakes?
6.(The dog did not swim.)
The dog refused

7.(They say that rail workers are on strike.)

8. What
(nuo miehet tekevät) in our house?
9. The repair work
(teki) Smith & Son.
10. Whatever they say
(ei aiheuta meille) any further trouble.
/ 10
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