YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 16 (KT)

Täydennä aukko oikealla sanalla, sananosasella tai rakenteella.

1. Can you blame
(heitä)? They didn't really know the rules.
do you mean by this?
3. We've got too
(vähän) information to make up our minds.
4. Ice hockey is
(yhtä vaikeaa kuin) football.
5. The children amused
(itseään) by drawing funny pictures.
6. There isn't
food left.
7. Houses built
(50-luvulla) are all the rage now — their prices have rocketed!
8. From our point of view the Easter Island is in
(kauimmassa) corner of the world.
9. Hey John! The driver is calling and asking
(mikä on osoite). Is it 242 or 232 Abbott Avenue?
10. neuvo - neuvoa
advice -
/ 10
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