Englannin abitreenit: Loma avaruudessa

Fill in with the help of the words in brackets.

(you; believe) it if
(you; tell) that Space
very well
(could; be) the next exotic vacation spot?

A few decades ago the biggest hurdles
(be) lack of resources and knowledge. Today those problems
(could; solve) easily if there
(be) enough interest. If, for example, the governments of the superpowers
(not; be) so uninterested in making space travels less expensive for "the little guy", they might already have come true.

But don't worry! If you wish to join this 100-mile-high club, you
(should; contact) your regular hotel and rental car providers Hilton and Budget, for example. However, you
(should; expect) all the comfort you are used to back home. Later on you may find out that it
(might; be) wise to check the Michelin ratings before booking yourself a suite.
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