YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 24 (KT)

Täydennä aukko oikealla sanalla, sananosalla tai rakenteella.

1. Don't take that bike, it's
2. Do you know the only girl
wears white?
3. They really love
4. Who is
(pisin) in your class?
(Minkälainen) man is you father-in-law?
6. I met her
(monta) times last month.
7. There were
(kymmeniä tuhansia ihmisiä) at the demonstration on Monday.
8. The trade unions have been
(julkisesti) accused of slowing down the negotiations.
9. We don't have that much time!
(Joko) we go straight to le Louvre or check into our hotel. Which do you prefer?
10. hakea - hakija
apply -
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