YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 36 (KT)

Täydennä aukko oikealla sanalla, sananosalla tai rakenteella.

1. These houses look nicer than
2. He claimed he had not seen anybody,
made me curious.
3. Do you have any money? No, I have
4. My son
(pelkää) the dark.
5. To prove his courage he had to walk
(ohuin) rope there was.
(se mitä) you said is true.
7. I was first employed
(90-luvun alkupuolelle), and have been working for three companies since then.
8. Honey, this is m
(vain) a wish, not a command, but would you please join us now!
9. Lyhennä sana.
influenza -

10. There is nothing
(verrattavaa) swimming in the sea.
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