YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 39 (YT)

Valitse oikea vaihtoehto.

1. Miss the next bus ___ I'll never forgive you!
2. When coming down with a flu, what you need ___ of all is a cup of tea with rum.
3. Brazil beat our team in yesterday's football match 4 - ___ Oooh, God should have been there to save us instead of the Queen!
4. Root's ___ is closing down today.
5. ___ the speech, he felt tired and went straight to bed.
6. We wouldn't have signed the papers ___ known about the construction plans.
7. Many pop stars can't tolerate the paparazzi surrounding them.
8. ____out of bed this morning or was it an effort to slump into the kitchen to put the coffee on?
9. There is a lot of injustice taking place in ___ society today.
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