YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 42 (YT)

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1. Everything we enjoy in our countryside ___ by our craftsmen, from laid hedges to hatched roofs and drystone walls.
2. In the late sixties it was decided that a genetic base-broadening programme ___.
3. The salary they pay me is ____________ too high.
4. There is nothing ____ we can do about the situation.
5. Like _____ scientists he is not very good at small talk.
6. The unfortunate crook didn´t hear police ____ (kiipeävän) the stairs.
7. A representative sample of 1,200 people ___ this week.
8. Sorry, I ___ hear what you said but I forgot it right away.
9. ___ lunch we had at your cousin's was fantastic!
10. ______ he nor his sister was at the wedding.
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