YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 43 (YT)

Täydennä aukko oikealla sanalla, sananosalla tai rakenteella tai viivalla.

1. Who is your
(vanhin) sibling?
2. Ireland is
(läntisin) island of the Birtish Isles, separated from mainland Britain by the Irish Sea.
3. Politics
(ei) interest me at the moment.
4. Did you understand all
he said?
5. I felt
depressed when I got the test results.
6. Don't give
to their demands so easily. You still have time.
7. The travel agent specializes
Pacific cruises.
8. It is
(jokseenkin epäselvä) what the author actually aimed at when he wrote this unusual book.
9. Can I join you?
- Do you mind
10. We did nothing but laugh.
- We couldn't
/ 10
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