YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 45 (YT)


1. The army carries
its duties here quite well, don't you think?
days (nykyään) it is difficult to find time for oneself.
beautiful weather!
4. The neighbour
dog bit you has moved away.
5. Purchasing your own house is
(taloudellisempaa) than renting one.
6. This structural change is
(huonoiten suunniteltu) scheme I have seen during my career as the advisor for the city council.
7. I think reading is
(kiinnostavampaa) watching TV.
8. Mark
(ei olisi tarvinnut mennä) to see him, because Bob had already been there in the morning.
9. I'm taking part in
(kolmivuotinen) project.
10. My parents'
(karja pidetään) kept inside during thunderstorms.
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