YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 44 (YT)

Valitse oikea vaihtoehto.

1. The meeting was held ___
2. It is strange that he ___ apply for the job. He really has no qualifications for it.
3. Turn to ___ left here and walk three blocks and you'll see the museum.
4. Did you read the latest issue of ___ Time? There was a good article on over-fishing.
5. ___ coffee I like best comes from Colombia.
6. The Manson family has lived ___ this street for ages.
7. Kyle left ___ Copenhagen yesterday, and he'll be back on Monday.
8. ___ what speed did the motorbikes drive?
9. Two young men deceived our dear old neighbour.
10. It is important that the school curriculum ___ pace with the changing world.
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