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1. A survey shows that boys ________much more likely to choose science, maths and languages.
2. The police _____ that schools should be guarded more efficiently.
3. It was only then that I realised I ___ British culture.
4. If you wanted to work your stomach muscles, I ___ you to buy
a small boat, because you need the muscles to pull in the sails.
5. Only after the financial dramas triggered by next Monday's potential
lunar eclipse ___ who and what is worth your efforts.
6. Modern women cannot commit to long-term relationships, ___?
7. Mr X was the first south-African to ___ his car confiscated in a crackdown on roadhogs.
8. The use of African red or white clay can ____ as sunscreen as no toxic elements have been identified.
9. Consistently feeling below par ___ to seem normal but what if it is more than an excess of overwork, high life or late nights?
10. It is worth ___ in mind that a sailing holiday is not as relaxing as you might think.
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