YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 52 (YT)

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1. She ___ Paris more welcoming than Berlin.
2. Next year at this time I ___ away from Finland for 10 years.
3. The sun´s rays ___ to have an effect similar to insulin on the body.
4. Before you book an appointment with your doctor, you ___ want to check out a simple blood test.
5. Economists said that they expected inflation ___ up in the coming months.
6. Since June 2004 it ___ illegal in Britain to own a horse, donkey or a Shetland pony without obtaining an ID card for the animal.
7. We seldom get ______ news from him.
8. He has spent his ___ life searching for the answer to this intriguing problem.
9. There were quite ____ tourists with all sorts of questions at the desk.
10. I gave them an apple _____.
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