YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 53 (YT)


1. They were carried
by the fantastic performance.
2. All the offers were turned
by our CEO.
3. The
(porojen) pastures are becoming smaller and smaller.
4. Kirjoita potenssiluku kirjaimin:

5. We are bound to get more information on outer space
6. It's a w
(kokonaan) different matter to go to the moon than just dream of it.
7. John: "Do you want to have lunch with me, Jane?"
Jane reporting: John asked me

8. vuori - vuorikiipeilijä
mountain - m

9. Lyhennä sana.
parachute -

10. The
(täytevaalit) -election was held two months ago, and Labour won by a slight margin.
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