Englannin abitreenit: Kansallisuussanat ja adjektiivin käyttö substantiivina

Fill in the words in their correct forms with the help of the words given in brackets.

Lots of
(vietnamilaiset) moved to the West in the 70´s and 80´s.
(Vietnamilaiset) are known to be hard-working people as are
(kiinalaiset) and
(japanilaiset), too.

According to the proverb,
(englantilaisen) home is his castle. That, no doubt, also applies to
(suomalaiset), although in a different way. While
(englantilaiset) rather meet each other at the local pub,
(suomalainen) is eager to invite his friends to his home.

I had been studying really hard, but still I was quite sure I wouldn´t pass the test. But
(uskomaton) happened. Maybe something like this is meant when it says in the Bible: "
(Nöyrät; nöyrä = meek) shall inherit the earth."
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