Englannin abitreenit: Genetiivi

Fill in the words in their correct forms with the help of the Finnish words in brackets.

Every American boy and man would like to have
(oma urheilujoukkueensa).

George W.
(Bushin) pride and joy in the early 90's was the Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

(baseball-joukkueen omistajana) Mr Bush laid the groundwork for the
(kuvernöörin) office.

(Texas Rangersien) team improved greatly under his management.

(Mr Bushin ja hänen yhteisomistajiensa) shrewd bargaining was used to charm and bully
(Arlingtonin kaupunki) into giving them a great deal money.

"You cannot accept millions from
(Arlingtonin veronmaksajilta) and then be against welfare," said a critic.

(Eräs Bushin pitkäaikainen ystävä) R. W. Betts noted that the criticisms confirm the success of Mr Bush.

Reporters were surprised at
(Mr Bettsin) involvement.

I read this article in
(eilisen lehdestä).

And I feel that these financial matters
(eivät kuulu kenellekään muulle) but his own.
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