Englannin abitreenit: Verbi + prepositio

Fill in the prepositions.

your hat!
I can't put
with him.
You should fill
the form.
the message, please.
He made
the story.
My parents always run
The car pulled
at the lights.
Don't ever let me
My father took
The offer was turned
The children look
their father.
The meeting was put
Will you drop me
at the station.
He turns
whenever he pleases.
Let's talk it
That wasn't called
I have come
with the flu.
We turned
early last night.
The weather is beginning to clear
We'll drop
the good work!
He rang me
The bestsellers were sold
in a week.
The plane took
an hour late.
Have you gotten
the flu yet?
/ 27
YLE Tulosta