Englannin abitreenit: Prepositiot

Fill in the prepositions. If unnecessary mark a line (-).

Who's responsible
You should concentrate
what you're doing.
Did you enjoy
the film?
Will you be coming
this afternoon?
Hurry up! I don't want to be late
the lessons.
Why don't you consult
the dictionary?
I'm allergic
tomatoes and apples.
I thought the meeting would be held
a Wednesday.
Liz is married
Tom Johnson, not Tim Johnson.
We are going surfing. Would you like to join
There are lots of stars
the sky tonight. It's going to be cold.
I've always been afraid of entering
that house.
She won't be angry
you any longer.
Don't ask me
money! I haven't got any!
Are your parents aware
you going there?
When does the train arrive
Waterloo Station?
My sister got a scholarship to Harvard. She will be leaving
the States in an month.
When old Russia collapsed, they left
St. Petersburg for good and never returned.
I'm afraid I left my umbrella
the car.
/ 20
YLE Tulosta