Englannin abitreenit: Relatiivipronominit

Fill in the pronouns. If it's unnecessary mark a line (-).

(mitä) he told you about my childhood is utter nonsense.

Unfortunately the evidence,
(jonka) truth no one could deny, is inadmissible in court.

Mark is familiar with the works of Shakespeare
(joista kaikista) he is able to discuss for hours.

Jo's closest classmates,
(joiden joukkoon) I'd like to be counted, helped her to recover from the tragic accident.

We have to hike fifty miles tomorrow,
(mikä) truly worries me.

There is only one place
(jonka) I'd like to see now - Machu Picchu.

Is this the dictionary
(jonka) you want to borrow?

The farm
(jossa) my family has lived for centuries is on sale now. A sad blow to us all!

The gorgeous blond,
(joka) stands over there, is my brother's latest conquest.

The assault took place in a park
(jonka) lights are dim. I wish the city would get its priorities right.

I wouldn't take a penny from anyone
(joka) has a reputation like that.

You shouldn't believe a word about
(siitä, mitä) he said! He's a notorious liar.
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