Englannin abitreenit: Lentokentällä

Fill in the pronouns.

Two friends accidentally meet
(toisensa) at the airport.
(Toinen) is going to Cairo, and
(toinen) is heading for Beijing.

- Oh, Sharon, how wonderful to see you like this.
(Miten) is your family and
(se sinun komea aviomiehesi)? I met your brother Tom
(tässä eräänä päivänä), but he was in
(niin kiire) that we couldn't catch up with the latest.

- Oh, hello, Gail! Fancy
(että me) meeting here! I've been thinking about you, too. Remember how we used to enjoy
back at school? I haven't seen
(ketään) of the old bunch lately. Oh, and my family and John are quite well, but he is terribly busy, of course. You know, I've got darling twin daughters, aged 10,
(joista molemmat) are musically very talented. And guess what! They chose their instruments for
(itse) and
(ei kumpikaan) wanted to start piano lessons,
(mikä) was lucky because
(kaikki) piano class was full.
(Heidän) music teacher is convinced that
(joko) Liza
(tai) Fiona is going to make a career in music.

- How time flies, Sharon! I remember seeing them as tiny tots. Oh, well, losing touch with our friends is probably
(jotain, mitä) we have to accept. I'm so happy for you, you see
(ei kukaan) of my family is musical at all.

- Oh, goodness, there's my flight! Look, Gail, here's my card. Could I have
(sinun), please, so we can keep in touch better in future. We need
(vielä yhden) meeting soon to catch up with
(kaikki nämä) lost years, don't you think? I must hurry. Bye, bye.

- Bye, bye. See you soon, I hope.
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