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Ministry of Interior: New Age Limits for Gun Ownership

The ministry working group charged with overhauling gun laws wants to impose new age limits for firearm ownership. The ministry's proposal outlines 20 as the minimum age limit for handguns and 18 as the minimum for rifles.

Under the proposal, a firearm license applicant would be required to provide a certificate from a shooting club instructor to certify that the applicant has actively practised shooting at a gun club for at least two years prior to applying for a permit. In the future, initial permits would be granted on a temporary basis of up to five years.

The ministry also wants applicants’ health and behaviour to come under closer scrutiny and has suggested adopting aptitude tests used by the Defence Forces.

Police Gain Access to Records

The proposal also outlines a right for physicians to notify the police if they deem a patient unfit to own a firearm. Police would meanwhile gain access to applicants’ military records.

The proposal will now be circulated among legislators for review.

Calls to reform current firearm laws arose after two recent school shootings by young men in Finland that resulted in 20 deaths.