This Is Yle

Finland's national public service broadcasting company

Yle (Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company) is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. What do we do and why?

Program Acquisitions, Downton abbey

International Programme Acquisitions

If you have a program to offer for Yle, let us know about it

If you have a program to offer for Yle, let us know about it!

Yleisö taputtaa käsiään rock-konsertissa, yksi tyttö muiden yläpuolella.

Yle In A Nutshell

Core facts about Yle

Core facts about Yle

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kuusihenkinen ryhmä jalkapallon harrastelijapelaajaa iloitsee etualalla, takana seisoo toinen joukkue paikoillaan

Yle's Mission, Vision, And Values

We provide a world-class public service.

Yle strengthens the Finnish society and provides world-class public service.

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Cosplay-meikkausta peilin edessä.

Strategy: Yle For All

Main goals is: Yle serves all Finns.

See the three strategic goals of Yle.

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Figure: Yle's five units and joint operations

How Yle works


Yle's organisation, management, and responsible editors.

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Kaksi tyttöä huvipuiston karusellissa pimeällä, pipot ja toppatakit päälllä

Yle Brochures in English and in Russian

The basic facts of Yle in a handy form

The basic facts of Yle in a handy form, in English and in Russian.

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 Georg Bush ja  Mikhail Gorbachev Helsingissä

Yle Archive Sales

Yle Archive Sales offers collection of Finnish content.

Yle Archive Sales offers unique collection of Finnish content: almost half a million TV programmes and films from 1906 onwards. If you need archive material for your TV or radio production, presentation, commercial, event or exhibition contact Yle Archive Sales.

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Lapset leikkivät

Annual reports

Yle publishes several reports yearly, where the company tells more about it's business during the year in question. In the report it reveals for instance more about Yles economic state, and how it uses the funds it's given by the finns, about it's meaning to the Finnish people and Yles position in the media field. It also accounts for how it's obligations by law have been fulfilled during the year in question.

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