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6 detained in Helsinki construction bribery probe

An investigation into corruption in Helsinki city building contracts is expanding. A sixth person was arrested on Monday by order of Helsinki District Court.

Two builders at a construction site
Image: Antti Eintola / Yle

The detainee is suspected of aggravated acceptance of bribes.

The investigation is focusing on PWD-Construction Management, part of the city's Public Works Department that is responsible for public construction projects. Officials at the unit are believed to have taken kickbacks over a period of several years.

Some of the money involved has been recovered. Police say it may add up to around 100,000 euros.

PWD-Construction Management (HKR-Rakennuttaja in Finnish), has more than 110 employees. It purchases design and construction services from the building sector with a value of up to around 100 million euros per year. One of Finland's largest commissioner of construction projects, it has some 400 underway at any given time.

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Interior Minister: Night Wolves allowed to transit Finland had valid visas

Pävi Räsänen kuuntelee huolestuneena

Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen has moved to clear the air over a decision by the Finnish Border Guard to allow members of a Russian motorcycle group to transit through Finland to commemorate the end of the second world war in Germany. Räsänen told Yle that the two bikers were not the same individuals who were turned back at the Polish border and that decisions to allow the right of transit are based on law, not politics.


Ministry proposes corporate tax to clean environmental damage

The Ministry of Environment has proposed that Finland launch a new fund for addressing man-made environmental disasters. Gathered as a corporate tax, the fund would compensate for damage caused by companies that have declared bankruptcy or insolvency, saving the state millions. The country’s leading business owners association EK says the Ministry’s proposal blows things out of proportion and would prefer to see an enhancement of the current environmental liability insurance system.

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