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Espoo Leaders Face Bribery Charges

Marketta Kokkonen, the outgoing Mayor of the City of Espoo, and Olavi Louko, the director of Espoo’s Technical and Environment Services, face charges linked with official travel. Louko’s charges involve bribery, while Kokkonen is being charged with negligent violation of her official duties.

kasvokuvat miehestä ja naisesta
Image: Espoon kaupunki

The case involves domestic and foreign travel by Louko between 2004 and 2008, as well as a trip that both Louko and Kokkonen took together.

District Prosecutor Jukka Haavisto expects that the trial will take place at Espoo District Court next autumn.

Both Leaders Deny Charges

Technical and Environment Services Director Louko, and Mayor Marketta Kokkonen both deny doing anything illegal. Louko says that prosecutors and police have fallen for a political witch-hunt started by one person.

The investigation was prompted by a request by politically independent Espoo City Council member Kurt Byman.

Kokkonen insists that rules concerning official travel have not been violated, adding that the city’s auditors have given written statements to this effect.

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