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Finnish Peacekeeper Injured in Afghanistan

A Finnish peacekeeper in Afghanistan was injured on Tuesday in an accident involving a grenade launcher of his own forces. He was struck in the back by a grenade, which did not explode.

Image: YLE

The incident occurred at Camp Northern Lights in Mazar-i-Sharif. The man's condition is not critical. However, he is due to be evacuated to Finland on Wednesday because of the recovery time his injuries require, according to the armed forces.

Commenting on the incident to YLE news, Colonel Eero Pyötsiä from the Pori brigade said that the man had not suffered serious injuries.

The accident took place just as the Finnish troops were heading off to a firing range. The details of what led to the accident remain unclear.

Luckily the grenade did not explode, and the peacekeeper was wearing a bulletproof vest. Following the accident, the man was taken to a German field hospital in Mazar-i-Sharif.

The weapon in question fires 40 calibre grenades, which can penetrate a five centimetre iron wall when they explode. The safety catch in the weapon prevented the explosion of the grenade.

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