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Guggenheim boss walks out of Yle interview

The head of the Solomon R. Guggenheim foundation, Richard Armstrong, refused to answer Yle’s questions at the launch of an architecture competition to find a design for a proposed new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki.

Video: Richard Armstrong.
Richard Armstrong's Guggenheim charm offensive did not go as planned.

At an event held to launch the architectural competition for a proposed Helsinki Guggenheim art museum, the American foundation’s leader Richard Armstrong did not take kindly to questions posed by an Yle journalist.

“You want the state and the Helsinki City Council to make a decision on whether to finance this project next year, in 2015. What if they say no?” asked the Yle journalist.

“I don’t know. I’m not liking this interview,” said Armstrong, getting up to leave, adding: "These are typical bad questions."

He then agreed to resume the interview after consulting with his PR agency.

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