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Two Finnish Peacekeepers Injured in Afghanistan

Two Finnish and one Swedish peacekeeper were wounded in a rocket launcher attack in Afghanistan on Friday.

Suomalaisten rauhanturvaajien ajoneuvoja rivissä Afganistanissa.
Afganistanissa on tällä hetkellä vajaa kaksisataa suomalaista rauhanturvaajaa. Image: YLE

According to preliminary information, the Finnish peacekeepers sustained non-life threatening injuries and their condition is stable. One of the Finns was hit by shrapnel in the back. The other Finn sustained slightly more serious shrapnel injuries in the lower extremities.

Meanwhile, the Swedish peacekeeper was wounded more seriously in the lower extremities, according to Colonel Jari Kallio, the head of the Operative Section of the Finnish Army Command.

The peacekeepers have been taken by helicopter to a field hospital in Mazar e Sharif. One of the injured Finns will be flown to Finland on Monday. The other will be treated in Afghanistan. The remaining Finnish peacekeepers on the operation have returned to Mazar e Sharif.

The peacekeepers’ vehicle came under attack in the village of Temorak, about 45 kilometres west of Mazar e Sharif. Kallio said it’s currently not known whether the peacekeepers returned the fire.

Finnish Defence Minister Jyri Häkämies expressed regret over the incident. He said for the time being it will not, however, lead to the rethinking of Finland’s role in Afghanistan.

Since joining the operation in Afghanistan, one Finnish peacekeeper has been killed and eight more have been wounded.

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