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Yle tax in force next year

Parliament has passed legislation that shifts financing for the operations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle, from a system of TV license fees to tax-based funding. The special "Yle tax" will be implemented as of 2013.

Ylen Ison pajan sisäänkäynti.
Yle headquarters in Helsinki. Image: Mikko Kuusisalo / Yle

Funding for Yle next year is targeted at just over 500 million euros. Of that sum, 480 million will be collected from the general public and another 22 million from corporations.

The tax is set at 0.68% of personal earnings and capital gains. The minimum annual personal tax is 50 euros and the maximum 140 euros.

Minors with income under 7813 euros a year are exempt. The top rate will be paid by people with an annual income in excess of 20,588 euros.

Small businesses, with profits under 50,000 euros a year will not be required to pay the Yle tax. Larger companies will pay between 140 and 3,000 euros, depending on their annual results.

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